All Township roads will be maintained the same regardless of road surface type.

During major winter storms, it will be at the decision of the Town Board to terminate all plowing activity until clearing snow is effective for opening and maintaining highways for travel. No plowing service on Township roadways from 6 pm to 5 am and no plowing or sanding service on weekends and holidays other than to keep roads passable.

Roadways are considered passable and open for travel when they can be driven with vehicles equipped with reasonable conditioned all-weather tires or 4-wheel or All- wheel drive equipped vehicles. The order of road plowing will be roads with railroad crossing, then school bus routes and then remaining township roads.

Sand will be the only product used to increase traction on Township roadways. Sanding is limited to hills, curves and driveway entrances/road intersections and railroad crossings.

It is the intent of this winter maintenance policy to plow and sand as soon as practical after a winter storm, however, full width cleaning clean-up and grading will be limited to daylight hours.

Motorists are reminded to leave room for snowplow equipment. The law requires motorists to stay back at least 200 feet.

Dated this 13th day of January, 2009.

Belvidere Town Board

Contact David Danzinger, Chairman – (715) 495-2533 to report any road issues.
You can also contact Roger Sendlebach – Road Maintenance Contractor at (715) 495-8427.